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Fake Grass, Real Savings: ETURF Brings Water-Wise Landscaping to St. George

ETURF brings water-wise artificial turf to St. George, Utah to help homeowners and businesses reduce water usage and maintenance costs. With the region facing ongoing drought challenges, ETURF's synthetic grass provides a solution that conserves water and eliminates the need for mowing, fertilizing, and other lawn care. The durable, natural-looking turf comes with a 16-year warranty.

St. George, Utah faces ongoing challenges when it comes to water usage and conservation. With frequent drought conditions, residents struggle to maintain green lawns and landscapes without wasting precious water resources. This is where ETURF comes in.

ETURF is a St. George-based company that specializes in installing artificial turf for residential properties. ETURF helps homeowners switch to synthetic grass to save significantly on water usage and maintenance costs.

According to owner Chris Warnick, a key advantage of artificial turf is the long-term cost savings. He states that ETURF customers can recoup the initial installation investment in as little as 2 years through reductions in their water bill. The turf also eliminates the need for regular mowing, fertilizing and other lawn upkeep.

Warnick highlights that ETURF’s products come with an industry-leading 16-year warranty. So customers can rely on the turf holding up well and continuing to look great for over a decade. He also notes that the company prioritizes finding the right solutions for each customer’s unique needs and landscape.

When comparing artificial turf versus regular grass lawns, there are clear benefits in our drought-prone state. According to the Utah Division of Water Resources, St. George now has zero areas facing severe drought, down from 56% last year. But the region always needs to use water wisely, as the state cycles between drought and preparation for the next drought.

According to some estimates on artificial lawns, homeowners use an average of 44,000 gallons less water per year compared to grass. This equates to notable cost savings on water bills. ETURF’s turf also conserves water resources for the community at large. In addition, unlike grass, the synthetic lawns do not require regular mowing, fertilizers, or pesticides. The durable turf withstands Utah’s climate extremes without ongoing maintenance.

For Southern Utah residents looking to reduce their environmental impact and save on lawn care costs, ETURF provides an innovative, no-hassle solution. Those interested in learning more about installing water-wise artificial turf can contact ETURF at 801-634-6522.

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