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Monster Mowers: Bringing Beauty to St. George Lawns

Monster Mowers Lawn Care brings beauty to lawns in St. George, Utah. Founded in 2021 by Brittain and Parker Bowring, this husband-wife team started with a $40,000 investment and aims to build relationships through prompt, personalized service. Call 435-256-5553 for a free quote and make your lawn something to be proud of

Nestled in the red rock canyons of southwest Utah lies the city of St. George, known for its mild winters, abundant recreation opportunities, and thriving business community. It’s here in this scenic desert oasis that Monster Mowers Lawn Care has been helping homeowners and businesses keep their lawns looking pristine for the past two years.

Founded in 2021 by Brittain and Parker Bowring, Monster Mowers Lawn Care aims to bring beauty to every outdoor space they service. The husband-and-wife duo started the business with a $40,000 investment and a shared passion for exploring the natural splendor around St. George.

When asked what makes their business stand out from competitors, Brittain cites their commitment to responding quickly, providing personalized service for each yard, and pricing their services affordably. “We want to build relationships with our customers and work together to create a healthy, vibrant lawn they can be proud of,” he said.

Brittain’s tips for success in the lawn care industry? “Respond to customers promptly and don’t undervalue your services,” he advised. With an attitude of dedication and care, Monster Mowers has quickly made a name for itself in St. George’s lawn care market.

For homeowners and business owners seeking an attentive, reliable lawn care service, Monster Mowers delivers. Give them a call at 435-256-5553 or visit their website to get a free quote for your property today.

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