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5 Revenue-Boosting Upsell Opportunities for Lawn Care Companies

Implementing a strategy of targeted upsells can significantly increase revenue for lawn care businesses. Offer premium services, landscaping enhancements, seasonal add-ons, customized lawn products, and subscription programs. A consultative sales approach is key to selling the benefits of upsells. Consistently execute throughout your customer base to grow profits.

Running a profitable lawn care business requires more than just mowing grass. Implementing a strategy of targeted upsells to customers can significantly increase revenue per client. With some planning and salesmanship, there are several upsell opportunities lawn care companies can capitalize on.

Offer Premium Lawn Care Services

Beyond regular mowing, trimming, and basic upkeep, suggest premium treatments that improve lawn health and appearance. Services like aeration, overseeding, fertilization programs, weed control applications, and pest management can thicken grass, reduce weeds, fill bare spots, and create a lush green lawn. Promote the benefits of these add-ons. Have bundled service packages and pricing ready to present so customers can easily upgrade. Aeration in spring or fall relieves soil compaction, allowing better water and nutrient intake. Overseeding fills bare spots with new grass seed. Fertilizer programs provide balanced nutrition on a regular application schedule. Weed control chemicals target difficult weeds like dandelions or crabgrass. Grub treatments prevent damage from common insect pests.

Offer Landscaping Enhancements

Enhance the aesthetics and functionality of outdoor spaces by proposing landscaping upgrades. New mulch can freshen up planting beds or tree rings. Adding plants, trees, or shrubs increases color, texture, privacy, shade, and curb appeal. Hardscape installations like patios, walkways, retaining walls, or benches create useful living spaces. Decor like exterior lighting, water features, or stone accents add special touches. Showcase your skills with before-and-after photos of completed projects. Offer free consultations to identify customer needs and provide ideas for yard improvements.

Provide Seasonal Services

In spring and fall, customers will appreciate seasonal services to keep their property looking its best year-round. Offer gutter cleaning in the fall to prevent clogging and ice dams. Provide garden cleanup in spring, pruning overgrown plants, weeding, and mulching beds. Suggest irrigation system start-up and maintenance – inspecting, testing, and adjusting sprinkler systems for optimal performance. Remind customers about dethatching and aerating services to rejuvenate lawns as they green up. Market these value-added services when seasonal needs arise.

Sell Custom Lawn Care Products

Provide products to help customers properly care for their lawns, matched to specific lawn conditions and needs. Offer free lawn assessments to diagnose issues. Suggest appropriate solutions like targeted weed control chemicals for dandelions and crabgrass, the right grass seed for sun and shade, fertilizers timed for seasonal feeding, soil amendments to improve drainage or nutrients, and pre-emergent crabgrass preventers. Apply products for customers or instruct them on proper DIY application. Set up automatic delivery for frequently used items. Bundling products into annual treatment programs provides recurring revenue.

Offer Subscription Programs

Create bundled service packages that customers sign up for on an annual or seasonal basis. Package together mowing, premium treatments, landscaping services, and products to create recurring revenue streams and customer retention. Offer tiered plans such as a basic lawn care bundle, a premium package, and an ultimate plan. Structure pricing and services to entice customers to upgrade to higher tiers. Subscription programs give predictable recurring revenue and lock in customers for the season. Use email reminders about upcoming services to maintain engagement.

Consistently upselling clients throughout the year on upgraded services, seasonal add-ons, landscaping enhancements, lawn care products, and subscription programs can significantly increase profits for lawn care businesses. A consultative sales approach is key to successfully selling the benefits of upsells to customers. Utilize customer feedback to uncover potential opportunities, as well as identify any issues that need addressing. Customers will appreciate the extra attention and customized services, leading to increased loyalty and positive word of mouth. Lastly, it is important to track sales data in order to understand which additional services yield the highest returns. This will help you optimize your upsell strategy over time. 


Upsell Opportunities for Lawn Care Companies
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